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About Me

Expressing my heart creates my Art.

I love to create artwork by hand and many a time it will 'speak' to me on how it wants to be portrayed and it gives me joy and happiness .... in giving, we receive and for me that is a two-way journey. I then take it into my studio and digitally create patterns and artwork to adorn beautiful and individual homes and personal accessories for the discerning customer.


My work is expressive of my heart and from the surroundings I create representations of life. I love to create botanical illustrations, snippets of daily life and retro interest and I would describe my style as Classical  Mid-Century with a modern twist. 

I am from Leicestershire, the beautiful shire in the middle of England, a lover of new beginnings, crafts, adventures, my family, the little family in fur coats (my cats) the countryside, and to travel.

Elaine Collins Designs was created in 2017 providing unique fresh but nostalgic designed home interior accessories and homeware and fabric; creating individual and unique designer pieces in my own homeware range of home furnishings with Handmade Lampshades and lighting, soft furnishings and furniture. 

I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Art & Design (specifically in Interior Design) graduating from Staffordshire University; after changing careers from Primary and Adult teaching, and I am also a qualified Interior Designer and an accredited Art Therapist. I have also been seen or featured in International; National and County magazines including Elle Italia, Woman, House & Garden, Simply Living and many more.

I hope you enjoy my artwork as much I I do creating it and thank you for visiting.



'The Meaning of life is to find your gift;

the purpose is to give it away'

- Pablo Picasso


I welcome commission and licence work

I love to create designs for:

  • Interior textiles

  • Wallpaper

  • Bespoke Furniture

  • Floor, Ceiling Lighting & Shades 

  • Wall Art

  • Ceramics

  • Stationary/Greeting Cards

  • Product Design

  • Fashion

  • And new opportunities!      

Elaine Collins Surface Pattern Designer UK

I have been published in the renowned Industry Magazine - 

WTIN (World Textile Information Network) 'Digital Textle' Magazine Issue 3 (April 2017)  


I have appeared in

The UK Handmade Spring Showcase Magazine  March 2018  (Front Cover)

The UK Handmade Spring Showcase Magazine March 2017 



'MOYO' Design Magazine Issue 9 (Sept/Oct 2016)


I am also an Artist with 'Creative Leicestershire' on the 'Made in Leicestershire' Artist Directory,

a showcase for the rich range of handcrafted work by local artists and designer makers.;  and showing as 'Artist of the Week' March 2017 with them. 

I have also been accepted on the  

WebinArt Graduates Programme 2017-18 (Creative Leicestershire) 1st Cohort Creative Graduate with Creative Businesses.

Creating my artwork

Illustration, graphics, geometric designs, nostaligic designing and historical influences to contemporary, retro and modern design influences.  I am a varsatile Artist who can work quickly as my designs evolves but with sensitivity and detail.  I work with watercolours, graphic pens, oils, mix media, digital software, collage, natural materials, charcoal, ink; anything that I can to be creative!  Click on the videos below to see my studio work.


Hannah Kilbride

Printed Textile and Digital Designer, Teacher and Editor of NewsPrint Vol.1. Newspaper.  

Founder of Patternmash Consultancy Service.

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"Fantastically energetic...The quality of the repeat flaunts your skills as a have a wonderful sense of colour that is coherent as well distrubuted across the collection. I think complex geometric patterns could become a speciality of yours!"

You are fantastic with the overall sense of Pattern and bringing movement and energy…with a beautiful sense of layering.

Alice Roberts

 Design and Production Manager


The real/photo images mixed with created images works well. I particularly liked the  Prairie and Filigree designs 

Rachael Taylor

 Print and Pattern Designer, Teacher and Editor of the  MOYO Magazine.  Assoc of ACID.  Founder of ABSPD. 

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