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Whoohoo! just for you!

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I know I am over excited, I can't help it! if you are like me and love to grab a cup of tea or coffee and have five minutes of 'me time' then I have something for you!

Being a qualified Interior Designer, and swapping over to creating patterns and artwork onto homeware; I am passionate about finding out about people, places, ideas, crafts and new ways to care for my home and look after this beautiful world....

Soooooo......I have a new area for you to relax and enjoy with professional knowledge and know hows, with future trends and much more....whooohoo!

It's a Bi-monthly Magazine starting this month! it's called "The Fabric of Life" catchy, hey? for November and December in Issue 1, It's a new Magazine Page of articles from the web, about interesting and up-to-date posts that bring to you fascinating ideas and information as well as recipes and crafts... and as time goes on it will grow! and it is all just for you, because you care, you share and because you are out there!

want to check it out? well...put the kettle on, take a break and click here

I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think, that is really important to me and Issue 2 is out January 2020

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