Super Chic Sustainable Idea to uplift your decor on a budget!

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Fed up with the same artwork on your wall or shelves? Who said you have to keep the same pictures as the Season's change? Or do you fancy a new angle on displaying your favourite designs and patterns. As a qualified Interior Designer too; I know the importance of your home interiors and it's effect on your well being.

Well, I am here with the most simple, eco and cost effective way to update your decor, or do you love a seasonal feel to you home or simply displaying your favourite and treasures pieces?

Here are some ideas to get that feeling you want to for your home and brighten up your interiors with these easy steps! buying expensive artwork to cheap 'off the shelf' alternatives can look great but do they truly express you as a person or your home? Many of us, seek big branded mass made items because they are cheap, but what if I show you how to be different and to show your personality?

Let's get started and creative!

Displaying your favourite fabric

One of the most cost effective and chic-est (if that is a word) ways is to find a fabric that means something to you or 'speaks' to you enough for you see it's potential as Artwork in your home. Selecting a part of the design to display of an intricate embroidered fabric can show a piece of fabric in its true light. Many fabrics have artwork in their patterns and hand illustrated (such as mine) where each part of it drawn individually to then create a full pattern, geometry or a scene. Drawing (excuse the slight pun) attention to it that usually would not be noticed or took interested as a length of material; but selecting the size and element can completely change how it looks and is portrayed.

How to get creative

Select your Photo frame or Canvas board and the size you wish to display. Then select your favourite fabric and chose what element in motif, pattern, feature of scene you wish and cut it to size (with a border) so that you can either tape it or fabric glue it into position in a backboard to support your fabric. Making sure all or fraying edges