One Simple rule to decor in 2020!

First of all 'Happy New Year!' as I am writing I have a broken foot and a 'fetching' boot and crutches! but what better time than to think about the year ahead and all the fresh starts you want to make; including with home decorating with starting the year thinking about all the new possibilities ahead!

January is one of the top months to change your decor, to sell your house or think about extensions and changes to your lovely home and many in the industry are doing the same with their preparations of building new trends and fashion items.

Every year Pantone select a colour which represents their yearly ethos and trend predictions which literally have an effect on global trends from retail, industrial and commercial purposes.

Over 10,00000 companies await the hues, tints and colour prediction which Pantone, a world renowned Colour Analysis Company reveals at the end of December for the coming year.

This Year the 2020 'Colour of the Year' is 'Classic Blue' from Pantone head on over to find out their thoughts behind the colour choice.