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One Simple rule to decor in 2020!

First of all 'Happy New Year!' as I am writing I have a broken foot and a 'fetching' boot and crutches! but what better time than to think about the year ahead and all the fresh starts you want to make; including with home decorating with starting the year thinking about all the new possibilities ahead!

January is one of the top months to change your decor, to sell your house or think about extensions and changes to your lovely home and many in the industry are doing the same with their preparations of building new trends and fashion items.

Every year Pantone select a colour which represents their yearly ethos and trend predictions which literally have an effect on global trends from retail, industrial and commercial purposes.

Over 10,00000 companies await the hues, tints and colour prediction which Pantone, a world renowned Colour Analysis Company reveals at the end of December for the coming year.

This Year the 2020 'Colour of the Year' is 'Classic Blue' from Pantone head on over to find out their thoughts behind the colour choice.

Many have considered with perusing the other colour predictions from previous years that this colour choice in comparison is a little 'bland' for a 'on trend' main colour choice, as last years colour was vibrant, fresh and the colour Coral (shown).


But upon reflection this colour (and my favourite colour) is actually a gem to work with as a designer for homeware as it beautifully compliments a multitude of colours which enhance it and then creating different 'moods' and depth to a pattern or a design for me to work with.

Look at my moodboard below I have created;

How does it make you feel?

Can you think of some words to describe those feelings?

Some that come to mind for me, are calm, cool, fresh, harmonious, natural, and many more. Colour has an effect on how we feel. You may have different words and thoughts that is O.K. colour effect's us in different ways but some predictive which is called Colour Psychology; Colour Psychology is when a colour creates an emotive response to our emotions or physical ability. It is a fascinating subject and one I may write about in the future to see how subconsciously we are affected by colour in our everyday lives and how it is commercially used to effect in retail.

As a professional Interior Designer as well as Textile Designer I encompass those ideas into creating artwork that represents a style or on trend 'atmosphere' that will be most popular in the coming seasons for home decor as that is my 'thing' but you will also see it advertised in brands, and particularly in the clothing industry and personal accessories. There will be a influx of shades of blue everywhere this coming seasons either as a main colour or blended in with other popular colours.

It is not only colours that are 'on trend' but as a designer the predictions for Spring/Summer 2020 and Autumn/Winter 2020 are already known as for me a designer the popular forecasts of patterns and prints for the next year too! This S/S 2020 you will see loose painted effects, florals and vibes of the Seventies coming back with patterns, prints and also choice of textiles such as velvets and silks in A/W 20/21

CHECK IT OUT! ✨ for inside knowledge follow my Pinterest Posts for my on trend predictions here!

What Colours will we see with it?

Don't get me wrong, there will be plenty of choices out there but this is the top colour of this year! but how will we see it? It will be placed in different contexts as it is a 'base' primary colour (primary means on of the three colours which you can mix to make another along side the two other primary colours, red and yellow e.g. blue and yellow = green and red and blue = purple etc)

You will see this 'Classic Blue' in strong colours schemes to cool colour schemes; from plain and classical to Bohemian and vibrant.

Let's have a look at some ideas..

A Strong Colour Scheme and Cool Colour Schemes


How will this look in Home Decor?

Attribute: pinterest images

So is blue bland? I think not and as these picture show, it is a versatile colour which can be elegant and classical to 'cheeky' and fun! Used in all rooms and each giving a 'feel' of the compatibility of style and colour.

Just for fun! which one is Nautical? Retro? Modern? Boho? Soft industrial? Historical?

One Simple Rule?

So; now you have seen the Official Pantone Colour of the Year, will you be having it in your home this year? I can guarantee you will see it and buy something in this colour this year!

Will you make is a rule to have even a hint of this colour in your lounge, kitchen, bedroom or hallway? even if it is just an accent piece like a cushion?

For me, back in the studio, I will be creating a collection that will drawn all my 'loves' of nature and this colour way with my hint of Classic Mid Century Modern style of mine and love every minute of it....if you want to follow my studio musings you can follow me on Instagram Pinterest, Facebook

In the meantime enjoy seeking this colour out in the shops and media and I will show you my up and coming new Collection before too long!

Happy New Year!


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