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Refreshing my blog with new content!

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Hey, everyone it has been a while but exciting times as I produce my artwork for new designs and new ranges of items to adorn your beautiful home!

I plan to concentrate on updating my blog and keeping all my VIP Brand Besties in the know of what is coming up in my shop, sneak looks into my haven of a studio and taking you out and about when I seek inspiration in the fields and countryside; every now and again I will throw in some ideas and craft directions so we can have the love of creating together as well as competitions and giveaways! And news of my passion to live a simple natural life with nature.. Sounds super exciting? I think so! know anyone you know who has a passion for sustainability, countryside, unique home decor, living life creatively or wants to enjoy the simple living joys? Then pass my link on and let's get started! Next week is the first update so get ready!

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