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From Dreams to Reality

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Inspirational BLOG - From Dreams to Reality

Many years ago I would not have thought that my artwork would take me to creating items to bedeck homes and individuals with accessories. From an early age, drawing and expressing myself through art and craft enabled me to explore who I was as a person and what inspired me. Nature is a wonderful source for detail, colour, texture and shape, and I love to recreate this in my artwork and designing. I have also discovered a love for Mid-Century Modern influences and fresh colours to depict my art. I wanted to share with you my designing, from a pencil mark, paint smudge or other mediums, a creation can be made!

I hope in my classes of Art techniques and in the future Designer Helps and resources classes I wish to make for you will also enable you to join me and who knows where your artwork will take you whether it is learning to draw for the first time, to taking it to the next level of designing! (go to my 'classes' here

hare, textile design, sketches, doodles, pattern print, shopper, shopping bag, March, Mad, Hare

*Please contact me if you would like to own the above Shopper bag made from Leather/Canvas £74.99 via email

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