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Divine illustration!

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

So excited to announce that I now have an Illustration and Art Shop on Etsy called 'LaineyLou Studio'

You will find me on there you will find my drawings, paintings, geometric designs and patterns; a gift for you, your home or your family. If you are looking for an unusual and individual gift that isn't currently sold on the high street...then here is the page to go!

I love expressing myself with my art and find that I have to explore new ways and approaches in designing, just to see the end result! it's what makes me 'tick' and I have spent some time looking at architectural details and ecclesiastical medieval buildings such as a recent visit to Worcester Cathedral where I was amazed at the detail and expertise of the masons of the time, the reflecting light through the windows, and the patterns they created on the stone floor, hence my interest in creating artwork which will reflect this extremely detailed geometric patterns. Here I am showing you two examples of my design work from the beautiful intricacy I discovered and now created for you to hopefully enjoy in your interiors..enjoy!

note: chair is not currently in production.

Lace Motif Design by Elaine Collins (c) 2016 at

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