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Inspiration naturally!

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

I wanted to share with you my wonderful afternoon, absolutely indulging myself with being out in the garden and the sun, and finding all the wonderful shapes and colours of late summer, having the afternoon to myself I plonked down a chair, grab my sketchbook and pencils and headed outdoors for a lazy indulgent afternoon of studying and drawing my home grown botanics...what shall I draw? where's my inspiration? the whole garden! always have this trouble! from perusing my vegetable patch to focussing on the trees, eventually I decided on (what some would call a nuisance plant) but for me I love the is a much meligned plant with a sense of spirit and freedom (like me!), and it is like a mischievious outstretching armed child longing to cling to the strong companion for support :0) so my mind was made up..the ivy it would be! I hope you enjoy my progress and I hopefully the end design unwrapping like the tendrils suckers on this plant and watch it grow with me! :0)

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