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'Hedgerow' Beautiful Abstract Depiction Wall Art

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Introducing this beautiful addition to my Wall Art Collection. 'Hedgerow' is an beautiful atmospheric water colour print from the Artist and it is item is signed and limited Edition with be upon it from the Studio.

I took my paints and captured the moment in this artwork 'Hedgerow' it is a visual fresh emergents of new beginnings, companionship and though small, strong and constant ever beautiful.

Breath in the morning freshness and feel the damp grass under your feet, follow the trail that has been trod over the years and open the gate to your heart to the field of new growth, and fresh hopes; take your time and wrap the warmth of the early sun around you and see the mini world at your feet hidden in the most difficult places you will find the reaching petals and bright little clusters of colour stretching and nodding affirmations of Springtime and happy days ahead captured in the abstract Hedgerow design.

Hedgerow is available presently in A5, A4 and A3 size, non-framed and in quality gloss printed Glecee Paper A perfect gift for you or your loved one. Bringing you joy and sunshine to your emotions and your room in two sizes of A4 or A3. Framed for depiction purposes only.

Sent in tubular packaging through recorded Royal Mail. Sizing and International postage difference may apply .

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